ASAC Youth Participation Program

The ASAC Youth Participation Program is designed to recognize ASAC Youth Members who support and participate in ASAC and ASHA activities. Points will accumulate from January 1-December 31.


The highest point earners will receive recognition at the ASAC Convention. All Record Forms must be submitted to the ASAC Youth Chair no later than January 15th.     

  • Points may be accumulated from the following list. 

  • Points should be recorded on the RECORD FORM, and activities should be details on the DETAIL SHEET.

  • Be a member of ASAC - 5 Points          

  • Attend ASAC Convention - 5 Points          

  • Be an officer of ASAC Youth - 10 points          

  • Participate in Junior Judging at ASAC Sanctioned Horse Show - 10 Points       

  • Give a speech to a Youth Club, organization, or class about the American Saddlebred - 5 Points     

  • Volunteer for ASAC Youth Fundraising at a Horse Show (i.e. sell t-shirts, sell raffle tickets, etc.) - 10 Points   

  • Volunteer at a Horse Show (i.e. pass out ribbons, hold gate, help stable or barn, concessions, etc.) - 5 Points   

  • Attend an ASAC Youth Function at a Horse Show (i.e. Easter Egg Hunt, Youth Party, etc.) – 5 Points    

  • Be a Member of an ASHA Youth Club – 5 Points         

  • Attend ASHA Youth Conference – 5 Points         

  • Participate in ASHA Saddle Time Program – 5 Points         

  • Enter ASHA Youth Photo Contest – 5 Points         

  • Complete USEF Letter Year – 5 Points   

Record your activities by clicking the spreadsheet below