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Current Officers and Job Descriptions are listed below

Apply to be a Youth Officer
Applications Due by Feb 28,2024

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The ASAC Youth Board fosters future leaders in the Carolinas for the American Saddlebred industry. The mission of the ASAC Youth is to advance youth within the sport through leadership and education of the industry.


ASAC Youth Board Expectations:​​

  • Serve as ambassadors for ASAC, ASAC Youth and the American Saddlebred industry


    Attend monthly ASAC Youth Board meetings on Zoom

  • Attend ASAC Youth events at horse shows


    Encourage other youth to join ASAC Youth and participate in activities

  • Volunteer on behalf of ASAC by assisting at horse shows, fundraising, etc.



Board Positions and Job Descriptions



President -Allison McLean


Leads ASAC Youth Board and its members


Serves a liaison to ASAC Board of Directors


Runs board meetings


Supports all board members in their work


Vice President-Grace Mize


Oversees the development and coordination of ASAC Youth events and programs


Officiates in the president’s absence


Becomes familiar with the duties of the president and long-range plan of the club


Secretary- Ella Reagan


Keeps minutes of all meetings


Responsible for communicating to board members about upcoming meetings


Treasurer- Eloise Eirich


Tracks ASAC Youth's finance spreadsheet


Tracks income and expenses


Publicist-Lanie Jordan


Publicizes events to members via social media, newletters and other vehicles


Creates social media content by soliciting input from ASAC Youth Members


Shares opportunities within the Saddlebred industry on ASAC Youth social media channels


Historians- Julianne Goguen & Dakota McCarthy


Keeps record of ASAC Youth's accomplishments and activities throughout the year


Collects photographs, news articles and other memorabilia important to the club


Creates annual scrapbook for ASAC Youth.

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