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High Point Program Overview

ASAC has one of the largest competitive High Point Awards program in the country. Awards are given to individual horses/ponies, equitation riders (full suits) and academy riders for the most points earned in various categories. Additional overall honors are awarded to the High Point Performance Barns and High Point Academy Barns based on total points earned by horses and riders in each barn.

With 40 or more ASAC sanctioned horse shows each year, there are plenty of chances to get in on the competition! Please carefully read the rules outlined below and pay close attention to the various deadline dates.


High Point Program Rules

Academy riders may earn high points in only one academy category per show (2 classes - equitation and showmanship - plus championship class if offered). If a first year rider shows in beginner/green/novice and age group classes at the same show, only the beginner/green/novice classes will count for ASAC high points. For all others showing in multiple categories at the same show, the age group classes will count for ASAC high points. 

This does not pertain to anyone who enters Academy Driving classes. 


  1. 1st Year Academy Riders (W/T and WTC) should be entered in Academy Beginner/Green/Novice classes if offered by the horse show.

  2. If beginner/green/novice classes are not offered, the rider should show in appropriate age group and any high points earned will count in the 1st Year category.

  3. If beginner/green/novice classes are offered and the 1st year rider shows in their age group instead, any high points earned will be counted in the rider's age group, not 1st Year.



  • All Owners, Exhibitors, Trainers and Instructors must be current ASAC members (Senior, Junior, or Lifetime) in order to participate in the program

  • Horses/Ponies, Equitation and Academy Riders must be nominated for a fee of $10 once each year using the Online High Point Nomination form

  • Horses/Ponies must be stabled in North or South Carolina, and trained by an ASAC member, in order to be eligible 

  • Equitation and Academy Riders must be instructed by an ASAC member in order to be eligible

  • Paid nominations and memberships must be submitted/postmarked no later than the day before a show starts for that show to count

  • High point nominations and ASAC memberships will not be accepted at horse shows


  • Only the following ASAC approved categories below are eligible for the Performance High Points Program:

    • FIVE-GAITED: Open*, Ladies, Amateur, Jr Exhibitor, Pony

    • THREE-GAITED: Open*, Ladies, Amateur, Jr Exhibitor, Pony

    • FINE HARNESS: Open*, Amateur

    • PARK: Open*, Amateur, Jr Exhibitor

    • PARK PLEASURE: Park Pleasure, Park Pleasure Driving

    • SHOW PLEASURE: 5G Adult, 5G Jr Exhibitor, 3G Adult, 3G Jr Exhibitor, AOT, Driving

    • COUNTRY PLEASURE: Five-Gaited, Adult, Jr Exhibitor, AOT, Driving, Western, Hunter

    • MISC PLEASURE: Saddle-type Pleasure Pony, ASHBA Alpha English Pleasure WTC, ASB Pleasure W/T 12 & Under

    • ROAD HORSE: Open Amateur, Youth, Under Saddle

    • ROAD PONY: Open, Amateur, Jr Exhibitor, Under Saddle           

    • HACKNEY PONY: Open, Amateur                  

    • HARNESS PONY: Open, Amateur

    • HACKNEY PONY PLEASURE: Driving, Under Saddle    

  • Only the following ASAC approved categories below are eligible for the Equitation High Points Program 

    • Walk/Trot: 12 & Under​

    • Walk/Trot/Canter: 13 years & Under, 14-17 years, Adult

    • Pleasure Equitation: 17 years & Under

  • Only the following ASAC approved categories below are eligible for the Academy High Points Program​

    • Saddle Seat Walk/Trot: 6 & Under, 7-8  years, 9-10 years, 11-13 years, 14-17 years, Adult​, 1st Yr Rider 10/U, 1st Yr Rider 11/O

    • Saddle Seat Walk/Trot/Canter: 13 & Under, 14-17 years, Adult, Elite Rider, 1st Yr Rider

    • Hunt Seat (all ages): Walk/Trot, Walk/Trot/Canter

    • Driving

* Open categories (5-Gaited, 3-Gaited, F. Harness, Park, Park Pleasure, etc.) also include classes for 2 or 3 Yr Old, JuniorNovice/Limit Horses, and Carolina-Owned

* Novice/Limit Horse and Rider classes DO count in their respective categories for High Points​

* Note: Open to All Breed (OTAB) classes, including Local Pleasure, do not count toward High Points EXCEPT for ASHBA Alpha English Pleasure WTC and Walk/Trot Pleasure 12 & Under (if ASB breed classes not offered)

How the process works 

  • The ASAC High Point Awards are determined by points earned at ASAC-affiliated horse shows. See below.

  • A trophy and three ribbons are awarded at the Annual Awards Banquet in each approved category

  • Horses, equitation riders and academy riders must be nominated before points can be counted. Paid nominations received by the High Point Chair will be posted on the ASAC website. It is each participant's responsibility to ensure that their nomination is activated.

  • PAID nominations and ASAC memberships must be submitted NO LATER THAN THE DAY BEFORE AN ASAC-AFFILIATED SHOW STARTS for points to count for that show.

  • Points count from the date that nomination or ASAC membership is received, whichever is later.

  • Participants are responsible for keeping their own points on the official ASAC High Point Awards Recording Form and turning in their points by the posted deadlines - July 15 and November 15.

  • Points should be submitted separately if the horse or rider is showing in multiple categories. 

  • If a specific class is not offered at a show, other pertinent classes may count in the preferred category. Examples: If no 5-Gaited Pony class is offered, 5-Gaited Junior Exhibitor may be used for pony points. If an amateur championship is not offered, the open championship may be used for amateur points if horse is shown by an eligible amateur. 

  • 1st Year Academy Riders (W/T and W/T/C) should be entered in Academy Beginner/Green classes if offered by the horse show. If beginner/green classes are not offered, the rider should show in appropriate age group and any high points earned will be counted in the 1st Year category.

  • Horses sold during the year in which they are nominated will continue to accrue points if the new owner is an ASAC member.  

Point System

Shows are divided into three categories: A, B, and C based on the duration of the show regardless of USEF ratings or number of judges. The points awarded for each show category are outlined below. All classes count equally - qualifying and championship. 

Note: The ASAC Spring Classic Horse Show counts double points.

Points will not be awarded under the following conditions (effective Feb. 7, 2020):​

  1. Disqualification of Horse/ Exhibitor/Trainer/ Owner from any ASAC-affiliated competition.

  2. Horse/Exhibitor/Trainer/Owner is found to be in violation of any USEF rules.

  3. Exhibitor/Trainer/Owner is not in good standing with USEF.

  4. Any ASAC member who participates in an ASAC-affiliated horse show and does not present a valid and/or immediately collectible form of payment for show expenses shall be ineligible for any ASAC High Points program points for that show, and until said debt is settled.  This is effective for an individual's payment directly to the horse show as well as any collective payment representing one or more individuals participating in any ASAC-affiliated show. Points are not allocated retroactively. ASAC is not responsible for the collection of any non-negotiable payments received by any horse show.

  5. Failure to report points earned to High Points Chair by deadlines as determined by ASAC.

Members with questions regarding the ASAC High Point Program can fill out the form below

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