Sandra Hall Distinguished Service Award

Established in 1992


Criteria for winning

To be awarded to an ASAC member for their tireless, unselfish efforts for the betterment of ASAC

Nominees have made significant contributions to ASAC on almost all levels over a period of time.

Following Sandra’s example, the recipient of this award is an ASAC member who willingly serves the organization in all capacities.


Who is the award named after
Sandra Hall has been involved with horses in some capacity most of her life.  Her dad had a five-gaited horse when she was a youngster, and she showed pleasure ponies at local shows. Her first show pony was a Strawberry Roan, stocking-legged Half Shetland / Half Saddlebred.  The Pleasure Pony Award at the annual ASAC Horse Show is given in honor of that pony, Blaze. Sandra experienced both stiff competition and friendly rivalries in those days and made lasting friendships with folks like Cindy Willimon, the late Vann Hurst and the late Hugh Kimrey. Sandra and her dad were also involved with the Chesterfield (South Carolina) Horse Show. As a teenager, Sandra attended horse shows throughout the Carolinas often times lending moral support to her friend Vann Hurst when he was showing his the five gaited horse, Spring Valley’s Dream Merchant, under the direction of Claude Shiflet. Through Vann, Sandra met the Shiflet family. She was introduced to Lewis Eckard, by friend, Helene Kaye.   While she was in college in Hickory, North Carolina, Sandra spent two years working for Lewis at Drowning Creek Farm. There, she further developed her “eye” for a good horse and continued to forge friendships that would last a lifetime. Sandra was given a camera by Nat and Helene Kaye for college graduation and would slip around and "shoot" the many stallions of Drowning Creek when Lewis led them out for customers. She actually led horses out for the great Shirley Paulette to photograph while there. Sandra met her future husband, Keith, while she was working at Drowning Creek. Keith was employed by Claude Shiflet and the two were introduced at the Charlotte Horse Show by the matchmaking team of Eckard & Shiflet!  They got engaged at the Roanoke Horse Show and celebrated their 30th anniversary shooting the Germantown Horse Show last year.

Sandra has been involved with ASAC since its inception. In the early days of the organization when exhibitions were held at Eastland Mall and the Festival in the Park, (both events held in Charlotte) Sandra would drive there every day to take pictures and document the promotions.  Daughter, Erin, attended her first ASAC function dressed in an ASAC T-shirt and being carried around the Mall by her dad when she was two weeks old! Thanks to Sandra and her talent with a camera, we have photographs of Lewis Eckard inside Eastland Mall on the great Bandstand, the late Don Stafford exciting a crowd of kids in the park,  of the fashion shows promoting the Saddlebred brand of clothing, and of every single ASAC Convention since the very first one! 

When Erin &Wes Hall, Matt, Taylor & Grant Shiflet were youngsters, Sandra and Beverly Shiflet served as leaders of the ASAC youth group.  It was during that time that youth officers were first elected and the position of Historian was added to the roster.  Erin was the first historian starting the scrapbook that continues to grow each year covering the ever-evolving ASAC Juniors.  When son Wes was president of the youth, he and Sandra undertook the task of putting out the very first ASAC directory, and she continued to help until it was taken on as the AOTS' project. 

In 1978, Sandra shot her first horse show as a professional.  She cut her photographic teeth on Tennessee Walking horses, as she and Keith lived in the heart of walking horse country while Keith finished at Middle TN State U. But thanks to her earlier exposure to and love for the American Saddlebred, she became one of the top ASB horse show photographers in the country.   She has served as the official photographer at the ASAC show since 1988. She has served on the Board of Directors, Horse Show Board, "wrapped the ring” at the show, and she instigated the first ASAC UPHA Pink Ribbon class in 2008. 

Sandra Hall was honored by this award presented in her name for her hours of tireless work for ASAC and for her participation in many capacities within the organization. Her ability to work with a variety of people and personalities in many diverse situations always with the good of the organization as her main objective has made her an invaluable member of ASAC.  Her contributions have been innumerable during her decades of dedication and service.


Who nominates: General Membership
How this winner is selected: Voted on by the ASAC Board of Directors

All nominees must be submitted with a statement using the above criteria of why they are to be considered for the Sandra Hall Distinguished Service Award. Nominees without a statement will not be considered. Nominator and Nominee must both be ASAC members. Please note, awards cannot be won twice in a five-year period. 

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