ASAC- Sponsor a Class for the Friday PM Session

ASAC- Sponsor a Class for the Friday PM Session


Sponsor a class at the 34th Annual ASAC Horse Show! 


Please note that the following Friday PM classes are premium sponsorships at the following price: 


52. OTAB Saddle Seat Pleasure- Championship $200

53. Hackney Pleasure Pony Driving Stake $200

56. Amateur Road Pony Stake $200

59. ASB Hunter Country Pleasure Championship $200

63. Open Park Pleasure Stake $200

65. Amateur Three-Gaited Park Stake $200

67. Junior Three-Gaited $200

71. Road Pony under Saddle Stake $200

72. Open Hackney Pony Stake $200

74. Amateur Road Horse Stake $200

75. Junior Five-Gaited $200


All other classes on Friday Evening cost $100 to sponsor

Select a Class to Sponsor

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