Martina Roseberry Sportsmanship Award


Criteria for winning
To be awarded to a professional, amateur and juvenile ASAC member.
Recipients of this award are chosen for their sportsmanship, service to ASAC and contributions to the breed.

Such attributes as participation and support of ASAC programs and the ideals of ASAC and sportsmanship are considered.


Who is the award named after
These Sportsmanship Awards were renamed in memory of Martina Roseberry who passed away in 1999. Martina was the first ASAC President. Martina Roseberry was a great friend to many of us that loved ASAC.  She was an avid and loyal supporter of the American Saddlebred Horse and a well-recognized face on the Carolinas Horse Show Circuit. In her youth, Martina showed American Saddlebred Horses across the Carolina Sandhills with contemporaries like Ray Pittman and Bill Becker; both renowned professional horsemen.  Marshall Porter, owner of Porter's Riding Club in Charlotte hired Martina as the first riding instructor for his academy. Later, she and her daughter Gaye campaigned horses from the Carolinas all the way to the World's Championship in Kentucky. She had a long association with Lewis Eckard. In 1977, Martina was one of a small group of horse show moms who wanted to start a Saddlebred Club.  From that small beginning The American Saddlebred Association of the Carolinas (ASAC) was born and it was most fitting that Martina was elected as its first president. Martina was always fair, had a kind word and always put service to ASAC at the top of her list. 


Who nominates: General Membership
How this winner is selected: Voted on by the ASAC Board of Directors

Martina Roseberry Sportsmanship Award Nomination Form

Submitter Information 

Nominee Information


Nomination Rules

  • All nominees must be submitted with a statement using the above criteria of why they are to be considered for the Martina Rosenberry Sportsmanship Awards.

  • Nominees without a statement will not be considered.

  • Nominator and Nominee must both be ASAC members.

Please note, awards cannot be won twice in a five-year period.


Martina Roseberry Professional Award Winners

2020 - Betsy Boone 
2019 - Sheila Wingler
2018 - Whitney Shiflet
2017 - Grant Shiflet
2016 - Heather Boodey


 Martina Roseberry Amateur Award Winners

2020 -     
2019 - Tammy Whitworth
2018 - Holly Ackerman
2017 - Eddie Case
2016 - Alice Brinkley


 Martina Roseberry Jr. Exhibitor Award Winners

2020 -     
2019 Allie Poovey
2018 Anna Grace Whitworth
2017 Mackenzie Todd
2016 Jessie McCurry

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