Frank Ogletree Youth Award


Criteria for winning
For an adult who gives of their time and energy to benefit the youth of ASAC

They serve as a role model to the youth both in equine related activities as well as in every day life

One who exemplifies to the youth of ASAC a dedication and passion for the American Saddlebred Horse

Who works by example to instill a strong code of ethics in the ASAC Youth

Who is the award named after
This award was established to honor the late Frank Ogletree (1930-1985), an attorney who unselfishly gave of this time and talents to ASAC.

Frank Ogletree was a nationally known labor lawyer, a dedicated Saddlebred enthusiast, a friend to many in the industry. He was a very loving father and husband. He was the principle partner in the law firm, Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, and was a serious, somewhat reserved, but always polite and kind individual. Frank was never too busy to discuss Saddlebreds; he especially loved the breeding end of the business and was quite the student of bloodlines.

Throughout his lifetime, Frank was involved with many business, civic and equestrian organizations. He realized and acted on the need to give back to the community and the organizations with which he was involved. As a leader in his profession and his community, he was a member of the Greenville Chamber of Commerce, Legal Adviser to the National High Council of Alpha Tau Omega National Fraternity, the State Bars of Georgia, South Carolina and the District of Columbia, as wells as a member of the US Supreme Court Bar.

Even in the face of his professional and civic responsibilities, Frank still found time and energy to work tirelessly for the Greenville Horse Show, serving on its Board of Directors for many years. He was President and Director of the Southeastern Futurity and a Board member of ASAC. He was an elected member of the Board of ASHA and the first chairman of the Owner’s Advisory Committee. He passionately believed in and worked for the recognition of small owners and breeders. One of Frank’s best assets was his “ability to see the needs of everyone,” and he tried to pass that attribute along to his associates and his children. He mentored and led by example.

Frank had a long history with horses and spent his adult life dedicated to the American Saddlebred.  When he was a young man, he named his first horse "Ginger Rogers." Later, as a breeder, he liked to name his colts after the opera characters that he loved. He also enjoyed using names related to places that were historically significant to him like Meriwether, the county in Georgia where his family’s plantation has stood for generations. He had an affinity for black horses and often times paired his black stud, "Mark Hall Supreme," with his favorite old-time broodmares hoping for that champion black Saddlebred.

Frank’s happiest moments were when he would watch the youngsters ride and show. Whether it was his own daughter, Ellen, riding their first pleasure horses or piloting one of their many Worlds’ Champions to victory, Frank was always there at rail side with a smile and a wish for good luck. Frank was eternally kind and honest with everyone he met.  Sometimes his honesty was not appreciated in the moment but he possessed lots of knowledge and insight and was always willing to pass that along to his own children, their friends and the people who worked closely with him in the horse business and in his professional life. Whether he was trying to teach Ellen to sit up straight, or assure that a group of young riders acted appropriately at the dinner table after the show, or whether he was inspecting the turnout of one of his show horses, Frank Ogletree did it with kindness, passion and dedication. His daughter, Ellen, says of her dad, “Thanks to the times with my dad, I still have a love of the animal itself, just to be around them, smell them, and ride bareback with a halter! I think dad would want the youth of ASAC to experience this same good feeling and have a true love for the horse itself.”

The Frank Ogletree Youth Award is given in honor and memory of the man who was dedicated to the American Saddlebred Horse and willingly gave invaluable time and effort to the betterment of the breed. The recipient of the award is an adult member of ASAC who, like Frank did before them, strives to teach the youth of ASAC the importance of hard work, dedication, and a true love, respect and passion for the American Saddlebred horse.  


Who nominates: General Membership
How this winner is selected: Voted on by the ASAC Board of Directors

All nominees must be submitted with a statement using the above criteria of why they are to be considered for the Frank Ogletree Youth Award. Nominees without a statement will not be considered. Nominator and Nominee must both be ASAC members. Please note, awards cannot be won twice in a five-year period. 

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