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Convention Banners

We are excited to announce that this year, banners can be customized. This includes color selection, font selection and the number of photos per banner.

Barn logos can also be added if a high resolution format is available. 

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Banner orders must be placed by January 20, 2022.


Please submit your photo selections by clicking the "Order Banner" button above and include the photographer’s name, Horse Show and your Proof number.


You will need to contact photographer if you need to purchase the high resolution photo prior to submitting. Web images can not be used for this format. We can only use photos that have been purchased.

We acquire paid photographs on your behalf from the photographer. All banners will go through a review and approval process prior to submitting for print.

American Saddlebred Enthusiasts and Owners,

We are offering a personalized full size ( 78 x 33) banner to display at the ASAC Convention. At the conclusion of the convention, you may take your banner home, or we will store it for you and display it again next year.  Banners are available at a flat fee of $250.00.

To personalize your banner, you just have to choose a font and submit your photo selections. Multiple horses can be included on your banner, but please NOTE:  There will be an up charge of $25 for each horse, for more than 2 horses per banner (ex. +$25 for 3 horses, +$50 for 4 horses).


Photos may be positioned horizontally and/or vertically.  

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